Napa Earthquake – Napa Trembles to Magnitude 5 Quake but Twitter says No!

News agencies area unit still reportage that AN earthquake measured at five on the Richter scale stricken a locality seven miles northeast of Chinese cabbage, California.

As the event or maybe non event began the Twitter rounds, bemused folks truly in Chinese cabbage were curious what all the fuss was regarding and could not feel any earth moving in the slightest degree.

Reports area unit currently filtering through from USGS (United States earth science Survey) that the earthquake reports area unit false.

It looked as if it would be press association Reuters that skint the latest world news and as we have a tendency to speak Sky News within the kingdom still has the quake as “Breaking News.

Some of the first rumours that abound area unit that it might are a error of all things. If there truly hasn’t been AN earthquake, one factor is as expected, someone somewhere can have quite a bit incite their face.

Is Twitter changing into additional reliable than the agencies and our latest world news stations keep tuned to Twitter because the truth unfolds on the Chinese cabbage earthquake.


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