Halloween and Separation of Church and State

It’s nearly Allhallows Eve. Candy and costumes area unit disappearing from store shelves quicker than ice on a hot plate. Decorations area unit everyplace, in homes and businesses and colleges and workplace buildings. then I’ve been observance the news networks, and taking note of speak radio, and looking out the net. And I’m questioning what’s wrong.

Wherever area unit all those the mesh news stories? you recognise, those wherever some person or organisation or maybe the ACLU complains regarding spiritual symbols being displayed bucolically p places like courthouses or colleges, and the way the show of these spiritual symbols implies government approval of a particular faith, that in fact violates the alleged “separation of church and state.”

Unless you were comatose last Christmas, you keep in mind the furore over this issue. Some major shops told their staff to not say “Merry Christmas” to their customers, and shoppers retaliated by taking their Christmas business elsewhere. In one instance, shoppers asked for Christmas trees and were directed instead to the “holiday tree” aisle. (Of course, since these shoppers didn’t desire a “holiday tree”, they privy the workers they’d examine different stores for a Christmas tree.) there have been such a lot of instances of container scenes and living Nativity displays being deemed inappropriate that the mesh news channels had to select solely the a lot of sensational ones. And boy, did they ever.

We have a tendency to were treated nightly to yet one more instance of the govt going “too far” in “promoting religion” during a society that obviously had seen an excessive amount of.


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