Nadia Russ: NeoPopRealism

Artist Nadia Russ could be a creator of the fashion in visual arts Neocolonialism.

Dark blond, 6″2′, with hazel eyes, she born in land in an exceedingly Russian family. Her father – Ivan Malevolent – dark hair, hazel eyes (Russian) was born in national capital. Her mother – Vera Regina – red hair, inexperienced eyes (Russian) was born in city of metropolis.

In 1979 Nadia Russ rapt to national capital. In 1996-2000, she resided within the Bahama Islands. Since 2000, she lives in USA.

Nadia Russ began showing her design in national capital, in 1989. Her initial cluster exhibition was within the fabulous animal disease, the foremost prestigious exhibition’s place in Russia, settled close to Red sq..

Her initial solo exhibition was in NYC (1992), in an exceedingly fancy non-public party area on the side (First Ave & seventy four St.). it absolutely was the time, once she received her initial nice review within the U.S. the mesh news paper.

In 1993, she went back to national capital wherever she had a awfully frustrating period: she got a home sick. She was missing the big apple. A illustrious song with words “…New York state of mind…” was concerning her. She was within the the big apple state of mind being in another a part of the planet.

Nothing may build her happy, however she created and exhibited her design in Moscow: in Soyuz Orchestrate Gallery, Ti Dona Gallery, car picture gallery, Bulgarian Culture Enter…

After 3 unhappy years in national capital, Nadia set jump into AN journey. She planned a visit out of Russia. By some strange probability, she got into the colourful and blue-yellow-black country Bahama Islands, a rustic of the height energy colour and ease. within the Bahama Islands, she went through a psychological and colour transformation. It happened naturally.

The achromatic colours and depressing subjects of her design gone: she was exploitation the brilliant paint. This new media gave the new concepts and new inspiration.

She and Lesley Uncombed had organised her art exhibit in Free port Art Enter. Lesley, the owner of the middle created some special preparation: he took out all his stuff, painted the walls.

A Russian creator within the Bahama Islands was the large deal. it absolutely was not surprising: Nadia Russ was the primary Russian resident within the Bahama Islands.

She failed to speak English nonetheless. F or her it absolutely was the time of untamed fun and… problems. and also the reason of issues is that the “cold war” info against Russians. The Bahamians and different residents saw Nadia as a representative of the various.

Dangerous a part of the planet, world of Russian agency, cash laundry and boredom… in an exceedingly number of years these pictures gone. within the eyes of Bahamians, natives and investors from different countries, currently she was “the best girl within the Bahamas” and “the classiest girl within the Bahamas”…

Her exhibit in Free port Art Enter (1997) was featured within the Free port newspaper with a giant icon of Nadia and a picture of the painting “Russian carcinoma.” The Bahama Islands TV, channel thirteen showed AN interview with Nadia within the evening’s the mesh news. She was the Bahamian sensation.

She had showed her add Port Ucayali boat club in hand then by Jack metropolis, in status car in hand by Kurt Seawall… within the lobby of Xanadu edifice, Nadia Russ created her picture gallery Club thirteen, that was listed for many years within the International section of the the big apple Gallery Guide. Mario Dona to, a native of port, Italia and currently resident of the Bahama Islands, operated by edifice Xanadu. He was an excellent support: Mario was a desirable man of “NO downside.” it absolutely was the nice cooperation of 2 people that idolised arts.

Nadia Russ had AN intellectual fun once challenged the Bahama Islands community. Her art exhibit with “Casual Erotic” opening-party was the native explosion. For conservative English community and spiritual Bahamians the word “erotic” was surprising as “sex”.

For Nadia, as AN ex-resident of Russia, this word had the that means of a “beauty of the bod,” and carried none of a sex. the phonephone of Mario Dona to was hot: individuals from Port Authority referred to as asking: what is going on on?.. however Mario did not worry. Only, passing by, he aforementioned Nadia: “Please do not let the tourists take their garments off…”


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