Squirrel: the Best Eating of All Small Game

As season approached, I anticipated having a decent year and needing area, thus I finally got around to cleansing out the chest fridge we’ve come in the utility area. Down within the bottom, compact underneath the milk jugs of frozen water that I confine there just in case there’s associate extended equipment failure.

I found a white freezer-paper wrapped package marked 1-12-SQ. it absolutely was squirrel! it absolutely was like finding a prize Easter Egg at the annual community hunt. I did nice last season, textile some dozen squirrels.

That package had somehow gotten over looked. I forthwith quit what i used to be doing, ripped it open, checked it for fridge burn not that it’d have mattered to me, and tossed the frozen lump of squirrel elements into a pot of water on the stove.

Squirrels square measure one in every of the foremost common of the little game animals. notwithstanding what percentage of them hunters ‘harvest’ or owners entice and relocate to the ‘woods,’ they appear to stay present.

I’ve ne’er had a landholder solicit from me to come back over and shoot his plague rabbits or pheasants, however I’ve had quite an few virtually beg Maine to come back ‘get’ their squirrels.

One fellow gave Maine permission to shoot them right off his roof if I saw them (I declined). Besides being the foremost common, squirrels even have, by general accord of anyone WHO has eaten them, the most effective tasting of all little game meat.

Though some folks don’t believe it, there’s over enough meat on a giant squirrel for a meal. But, WHO desires to prevent at simply one? They’re delicious. Some hunters suppose cleansing them is tougher than they are price. I say they’re simply lazy, or even they need associate perspective.

I can have one ready for change of state in 5 minutes–well well worth the effort. “Tree rats” some folks decision them, then say they refuse to eat rats. it is usually a decent hunt if i purchase a squirrel or 2.

There square measure many economical ways in which to organise a squirrel ‘for the pot.’ a pointy knife is needed for all. I leave the centre in, get across the skin round the middle section then peel the hide off in 2 items. I pull the hide off each ends as so much as it’ll go then chop the top, tail and feet off.

At that time I slice open the belly and split the anal canal, being careful to not cut the body part or bladder. Then, I poke the tip of my knife up into the thoracic cavity and slice on the skeletal structure cutting the diaphragm loose.

To get the centre out I reach as so much up into the squirrel’s chest as I will with my thumb and index and acquire a hold of the muscular structure and wind pipe. With the top stop|bring to a halt|interrupt} they’re not connected at that end, thus a firm pull brings out all the chest and gut organs in one wad.

I fastidiously clear the anal canal and examine the body cavity for any adhering material. typically the kidneys keep stuck to the lower back muscles. At that time, if I even have over one, I toss the carcass into the sink and skin and gut successive one.

I wash the carcasses underneath cold running water, selecting our any firearm pellets I see, pushing aside any hair that’s stuck to the meat and cleansing out any blood that has jelled within the wounds with my fingernails. once I’m glad they’re nearly as good as I will get them, I pat them dry with a towel

. At that time, I typically finish off a little; roll up the centre, heads and hides within the latest world news paper i used to be performing on, wash of the knives and chopping board and finish off the sink.

For the ultimate business of squirrels i exploit a knife and a hammer. I chop the carcass in [*fr] just under the rib cage. I lay the front [*fr] on its back on the chopping board, press the knife down tight against the OS and saw little, attempting to line the blade up with the spine. once it’s fastened solidly,

I hammer the rear of the knife with the hammer, cutting the front [*fr] into 2 items length-wise, every with a front leg and flank. I cut the rear [*fr] into 3 items. I flip it on its back, come off every hind limb, then, usually, come off the stub of the spine wherever the tail was connected.

After all the squirrels square measure chop up, I wash the items once more selecting off any residual hair, items of loose sinew or pellets I will notice. I place all the items into an oversized bowl or pot of water, add a couple of tablespoon of salt and soak them within the icebox for some of days

. After that, I’ll either cook them or wrap them and place them within the fridge, marking the package with the month, year and species—SQ for squirrel, hydrogen ion concentration for pheasant, etc.

After the water began to boil I turned down the warmth and stony-broke apart the still frozen items of my tremendous bottom-of-the-freezer notice. I cook squirrels one in every of 2 ways in which. My fricassee direction is legendary, however it takes lots of lobar.

For it, I rub the squirrel items with salt and pepper and roll them in flour. Then I chop 3 strips of bacon per squirrel and brown the meat within the bacon for fifteen or twenty minutes in an exceedingly massive pan. Then I add an oversized cut onion, a teaspoon of juice and a cup or 2 of water. I cowl the pan associated cook on low heat for an hour or additional my mouth is watering simply wondering it.

My different method of change of state squirrel may be a heap faster and easier. that is the method i used to be did the bonus notice. I boil the squirrel items till the meat is tender enough to pierce with a fork. Then I rub the items with salt and pepper and brown them in butter.

It’s delicious that method too. Actually, it’s onerous to ruin squirrel. notwithstanding however you cook it, it’s the most effective little game meat. it’s a novel, special flavor that can’t be represented or compared with the rest. Anyone WHO says they don’t like squirrel possibly is doing thus as a result of a psychological prejudice.

Both of the squirrels I toasted that evening were massive ones. My better half is one in every of those prejudice folks and doesn’t eat squirrel. For the longest time she refused to cook or eat something I killed. She didn’t have a haul with stuff folks she didn’t understand killed and butchered, like chickens and turkeys and cows.

She’s gotten to the purpose she’ll eat ruminant steaks and perhaps some pheasant dishes, however I still ought to cook everything. now i used to be glad she did not eat it. It simply meant there was additional squirrel on behalf of me. The season does not open till Oct, in order that was the last of it for a short time.

I took a giant Tupperware bowl choked with it to figure successive day. At noon, within the supervisors’ lunch area I aforesaid, like I forever do once I usher in squirrel, “I have excellent news and that i have unhealthy news. the great news is, I brought enough squirrel for everyone to own some.

The unhealthy latest world news is, there’s not enough for everyone to own seconds.” I solely say that as a result of the response I forever get. I haven’t had a taker nonetheless, and that’s fine. It means that there is additional on behalf of me.


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