1876 Greenville Country Church Santa Ana, Ca History

GREENSLEEVES COUNTRY CHURCH HISTORY…. On the Southeast corner of Douglas MacArthur formerly Alberta Ave. and Greensleeves Street stands the oldest Protestant Church in Orange County, the Greensleeves richest country 2016 Church.


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The bronze plaque reads in-built 1876. Originally it absolutely was a church for the
ranch families that lived within the neighbourhood and additionally was closely associated in its space with the one-teacher Greensleeves faculty.

At Christmas time notably the families gathered along for celebrating Christmas with the church furnishing candy and therefore the faculty organising the program and gifts exchange. one among the earliest ministers that older residents bear in mind is Rev. E.C. Knot, father of Bruno Walter Knot: founding father of Knot’s Berry Farm, WHO was pastor in 1889.

An image of the church taken in 1911 is entitled recent Newport Church & rectory, and therefore the district in its early years was named recent Newport. concerning 1919 the name of the college district was modified to Greensleeves and the and therefore the and additionally the church also adopted the name. prophet Armour’s History of Orange County, 1911 edition refers to Newport as a tiny low cluster of homes concerning 5 miles southwest of Santa Ana p.84.


The Pleasant History of Orange County, American state contains a photograph of the old style at Greensleeves page.463. one among the community leaders WHO came to the world in 1910 was Jake Shaffer. Active within the Greensleeves Church as Sunday school Superintendent and in fund raising, he with the late Sir Leslie Stephen Grist, Pastor Harry Day, and different residents raised .

to buy the property in 1952 from the new United Methodists denomination A Nd build it an freelance organisation, and it had originally been organised as a unit within the Methodists South. The Santa Ana Register describes the action in its August seventeen, 1952 edition with a photograph of the church and its pastor at that point,

Rev. E.A. Moody. J.W. Stiffer, 95, remains living 1974 listed on Bear Street. abundant of the data has come back from his girl, Ruby Mrs. Stanton Best, Coats Mesa. The Greensleeves Church is within the town limits of Santa Ana, however simply four blocks north of the Coats Mesa town limits.

Mrs. Best tells American state of the new adjacent house of prayer, however relates that the recent church remains in wonderful condition, that it’s carpeted and utilised by the younger members of the church for conferences and socials.

She additionally tells of the dynamic  membership of the church. once cars 1st came in, the cluster of then younger members became ;interested in affiliating with the larger churches in Santa Ana. the particular membership has remained fairly steady in size, with cars transfer members from Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, Coats Mesa, and different additional distant homes. Not several of the neighbours are church members currently but, she says.

Pastor Day, WHO followed Rev. E.A. Moody as pastor, besides doing abundant husbandry, is currently reverend within the Orange County Jail. Mrs. Best additionally aforesaid the workplace isn’t one among a county official, however is in private supported by a corporation known as The Gleaners, Inc. Greensleeves Church is one among the generous supporters of The Gleaners, and he or she spoke of Pastor Day as being a person of keen understanding of the jail inmates and their issues.

The county furnishes AN workplace and phonephone. Among the various names additionally related to the church are ministers Rev. R.R. Raymond, J.A. Andrews, John J. Wood son, and L.B. Jones. In reprimand Dr. Perry Davis, dentist, he told American state his grams, Rev. Chapel S. Perry, was minister at Greensleeves within the 1890’s, and later affected to natural depression Enter. in additional recent years, different ministers recalled by AN early resident, Miss Verne Eraser, were Rev. P.T.

Turner, Rev. O.E. Laird, and Rev. J.B. Firth. Among the members that were active within the church were Archibald T. Armstrong, Lawrence Wake ham, Howard Bear and family, king Restroom and family. girls mentioned are Sue Perry, Ruby Best, Verne Eraser, Elizabeth Wake-ham, Ruth Armstrong, International Development Association Flintlock, and Martha Mrs. Alfred Cole.

Among the pioneer girls was The Virgin Selvage, WHO left Missouri in 1875, came by wagon to the world and settled there in 1878. Later Ida, Anne, and Christine Masterstroke were members. The Masterstroke brothers were generous contributors to the church. Verne Eraser additionally mentioned her brother, Wesley Eraser, was the driving force of their 1st family automotive, a Studebaker, once he was fourteen. The year was 1917. She additionally mentioned a sister, geographical area Eraser Berber, born in 1907 and delivered on a chilly rainy night by Dr.

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. Willa Waffle, WHO travelled in a very carriage, however was somewhat delayed by the muddy roads on the approach. She acquired time of day in time to deliver the baby. J.B.Firth had been pastor for many years, and former pastor Harry Day and Mrs. Day attended, with a complete of concerning sixty members. we tend to were additionally privileged to examine the first house of prayer, well maintained, painted white within and out. there’s a tower and cord for ringing the bell.

Mr. & Mrs. J,.W. Shaffer were each present, despite his ninety five years elderly. He has been a member since 1910, and told however within the early years he had helped place a foundation underneath the first church. Shaffer wasn’t ready to recall precisely once the name Greensleeves was adopted as I had hoped. The new house of prayer was created in 1960, And is provided with each a forte-piano and an organ. Rev. Firth told American state that he hadn’t placed his name on the sign outside owing to his name being Jean, and folks may suppose he was a girl pastor.

The mixed choir had some fifteen members A Nd rendered an anthem, a duet and a solo, of higher than average quality. Pastor Day gave American state the years he had been minister; 1955 -68, however still attending and connected as a member, with Mrs. Day, WHO is that the instrumentalist. Their house is on the corner of Harbour Blvd. and Alberta now MacArthur.

The Greensleeves Church may be a mile south of Warner Ave. on Greensleeves Street, though the name for several years remained recent Newport Street. There are still several acres of national capital beans growing at this point of year, and acres of grain beside a brand new cluster of subdivision homes being engineered north of the church on the side of Greensleeves Street. Young, old, and middle aged members attend.

One member, in all probability in her 80’s, simply ahead United States of America folks people  told us she came here in 1923 and had been married to her husband David Klansman within the same year by decide John Cox at the courthouse. He was living, however not to an adequate degree to attend. She was one among the members WHO lived near the church.

The friendly atmosphere, sensible quality music, and well-maintained building makes a horny impression on the visitant, and indicates that it’ll stay the Greensleeves richest country 2016 Church for several years to come back. A PAGE FROM A BOOK BY CHARLES F. COVEY & MARK R. HOWARD within the YEAR OF OUR LORD 2001 SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA, ORANGE COUNTY, USA.


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