Comparing the Old Country and the United States

The comparison and distinction of gender roles within the “old richest countries” – the land – and also the us, as a result of men have forever been afraid that one-day ladies would be able to get alone while not them. additionally to age, gender is one amongst the universal dimensions on that standing variations are based mostly.

Unlike sex, that could be a biological thought, gender could be a social construct specifying the socially and culturally prescribed roles that men and girls are to follow particularly in countries just like the land.


Women within the land face many gender-related challenges. ladies are way more severely littered with state than men are, and their activities are a lot of restricted. there’s frequent violence, that looks to possess enhanced in recent years. In rural areas, difference is clear therein ladies are married at a young age . In scrutiny the 2 countries, the us has practised tremendous upheaval and rewriting of its ancient gender roles within the last generation.

These changes in gender roles have an effect on the house, the geographic point, and also the college, and that they have an effect on all Americans to a point. we tend to tend to search out that gender roles vary. completely different completely different  cultures impose different expectations upon the boys and girls World Health Organisation sleep in that culture.

The land became a nation on twenty seven February 1844 once a gaggle of revolutionaries condemned power from the Haitian rulers of the island of Hays. once Aristocrat Colon initial discovered the island in 1492, he named it La Ila Espalier, that became Haiti. By 1804 the African slaves within the western portion of the island now Haiti rebelled against the French and dominated the whole island.

The advanced heritage of Arawak, Spanish, African, and French traditions, and Associate in Nursing early independence, set the land with the exception of different Caribbean islands. The western portion of the island is occupied by the republic of Haiti. The mountains of the land divide the country into northern, central, and southwestern regions. The central region is dominated by the Cordillera Central central range that ends at the Caribbean Sea. a lot of of the region could be a desert and it includes Lake Enrique, the island’s largest lake Gallo, 2000 .

The structure of the working class had modified considerably throughout the post-Trujillo era as agriculture’s share of output diminished. business and services had incorporated more or less twenty  and forty five , severally, of displaced agricultural labour. owing to gaps within the labour statistics, official estimates of the feminine section of the economically active population varied wide, from fifteen to thirty  of the working class.

Seventy % of the staff in free zones were women; as larger numbers of free zones opened within the late Eighties, the speed of state for females quite doubled the speed of employment for males. The distribution of financial gain among employees was extremely skewed; the highest ten  attained thirty-nine  of value, whereas the lowest fifty  garnered solely nineteen  United States Library of Congress, 2009 .

The family code within the land “old country” differs from the U.S.A.. Dominican.


ladies among the family weren’t comparatively well protected. The legal minimum age for wedding is eighteen years for each men and girls, however early wedding is comparatively common.

A 2004 United Nations report calculable that twenty nine per cent of women between fifteen and nineteen years getting on were married, divorced, or widowed.

physiological state among young women could be a major problem. wedlock isn’t normally practices within the land. Parental authority is exercised collectively by the daddy and mother. Women’s inheritance rights improved with the passing in 1998 of reform law. They currently have full rights to inherit land Social establishment of Gender Index, 2007 .

As with the other countries, the land includes a legal framework which incorporates a series of provisions to shield ladies within the varied areas of social life. The Republic condemns all privilege and any state of affairs that tends to interrupt down the equality of all Dominicans.

Though these laws are in impact to shield ladies, the native newspaper “the Dominican Today” re portable in March 2008, for the start of the year that quite one hundred sixty ladies had been killed to date compared to 128 for constant amount last year, unconcealed the professional General of the land Pea, 2008.

The non-governmental organisations that employment on women’s problems have aforesaid that this law isn’t being revered, for in most cases of family violence the procedure provided for within the law isn’t followed. Some ladies victims of violence address police stations, wherever in most cases the police refuse to require the declaration. once the station house station} will receive the complaints and initiates the procedure they convey the cases to the office of the general public lawyer for them to be classified as cases of family violence and noted the inquiring court.

Once in those courts, the procedure strays from the aim of the law for the judges dismiss the criticism or re-label the cases. as an example, within the case of physical aggression, they characterise it as a case of blows and injuries that, if recovered among ten days, permits the assaulter to be free on bond, jeopardising the victim, because the assaulter is violent to the victim once more.

In Alvarez’s book she speaks of freedom. What she considers cultural dislocations or dis articulations were already gift in Alvarez’s initial novel, however the Garcia women Lost Their Accents Alvarez, 1997 . Yolanda returns to the land to go to her family. Against her aunt’s recommendation she ventures alone into the richest countries, at night, searching for guavas.

Dominicans World Health Organisation encounter her believe she isn’t Dominican, however a foreigner; a Dominican lady wouldn’t quit alone at nighttime, however Associate in Nursing yank would. In Alvarez’s ” Yo”, Yolanda shares her fresh non inheritable strengths together with her friends, empowering them to require charge of their own lives Luis, 2009.

Violence and abuse have an effect on all types of individuals a day. It does not matter what race or culture the person comes from, age, economic sculpture, age, or incapacity, if truth be told violence doesn’t discriminate. within the us, there are laws against abuse. many education schemes are place in suit. within the U.S.A. violence against ladies in any type could be a crime,

Whether or not the maltreated could be a family member; a date; a current or past better half, boyfriend, or girlfriend; Associate in Nursing acquaintance; or a unknown. The U.S.A. takes violence against ladies vital and punishes anyone World Health Organisation has been found guilty of such crime.

In the land, age doesn’t equal respect. though all of them use completely different tones, words, actions, Associate in Nursing responses and that they opt for these in step with the person they’re speaking with; as an example, an individual’s visual communication and selection of words could also be way more polite and respectful towards adults and lecturers than it might be to friends or a maid living within the home.

This has got to do with the person’s social and economic standing MacDonald, 2007 . within the book, it shows that Alvarez’s behaviour had shifted from the Dominican disrespectful mentality, In “The unknown,” that takes place within the land, Yolanda meets the illiterate Consuelo, whom she doesn’t treat as Associate in Nursing inferior, as her Dominican relatives would, however as Associate in Nursing equal. Yolanda addresses the girl as DOA Consuelo,

A title a lot of befittingly reserved for somebody like Don Mundane and DOA Graciela, Yolanda’s landowning cousins Alvarez, 1997 . This illustrates however Alvarez culture modified had shifted and altered her behaviour towards others. At that time, she showed to the audience that respect doesn’t need to do with an individual’s social or economic category.


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