International Trade As An Engine of Growth In Developing Countries: a Case Study of Nigeria (1980-2003)

A ll economies are progressively open in today’s economic surroundings of economic process.

Trade plays a significant role in shaping economic and social performance and prospects of nations round the world, particularly those of developing countries. No richest country in the world has mature while not trade.

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However, the contribution of trade to development depends an excellent deal on the context during which it works and therefore the objectives it serves. In recent decades, variety of developing countries, most notably the East Asian recently industrialising countries, are able to purposefully use the basic force of trade to spice up growth and development inside a comparatively short time span.

At constant time several different developing countries, particularly the smallest amount developed countries LDC, have kicked off unilateral trade liberalisation in recent years, with terribly restricted results at the best in terms of increased growth and development.

To act as associate engine of development, trade should cause steady enhancements in human conditions by increasing the vary of people’s selection, a notion that the idea of human development three tries to capture. From this viewpoint, the trade and development performance of a rustic can’t be seen because the mere total of its economic process and export performance.

Instead, it’s a composite notion, reflective however trade relates to the vary of decisions obtainable to folks in a very country at a specific purpose in time. The extent of such selection, in turn, depends abundant on the interaction among factors that confirm each trade outcomes and human development outcomes.

The trade and development index TI provides a quantitative indication of the trade and development performance of nations by consistently accounting for the interactions among factors governing these outcomes.

The TI considers 3 sets of determinants of trade and human development.

This framework, by consistently accounting for the linkages of those determinants and their constituent components, aims to function a watching mechanism of trade and development performance of developing countries, a diagnostic device to spot factors moving such performance, and a policy tool to assist stimulate and promote national and international policies and measures with a read to keeping trade targeted on development and financial condition reduction.

Exploring these linkages is fascinating for variety of reasons:

It’s necessary to contemplate trade as a method to its final goal, specifically the welfare of individuals. standard technical analyses of trade performance of developing countries are for the foremost half preoccupied with trade trends and liberalisation policies, and sometimes overlook the  object of trade and growth.

• Development methods pursued by countries have an effect on the interaction among the factors process trade and development performance. it’s thus necessary to shed lightweight on however best such methods is designed to reinforce trade and development performance.


• Trade negotiations have extensive implications for the vary of decisions, which individuals will have by moving their access to product, services and opportunities.

Outcomes of those negotiations ought to be judged against their contribution to human development.

• In recent years, some developing countries have created important gains in trade and development, whereas several others, particularly LDC, are troubled to stay up.

It is necessary to stay the spotlight on the constraints moon-faced by countries that have performed poorly, and conjointly to take care of attention on the requirement to use exchange the service of human development in countries that are additional palmy.

• The Millennium Development Goals and therefore the 2005 World Summit, by lightness the role of exchange development, have supplementary to the urgency of examining trade and human development linkages.

Removing trade restrictions and distortions will build a singularly necessary contribution to raising incomes, boosting long-run growth, increasing money flows for development and thereby reducing financial condition.

However, several of the foundations of today’s tripartite commerce system were written in past rounds of negotiation once few developing countries participated actively. As a result, areas of explicit export interest to developing countries weren’t at the centre of negotiations associated stay subject to several policy distortions that stop trade from functioning totally as an engine of development.

The urban centre accord acknowledges this and clearly spells out the requirement for additional meaning participation by developing countries within the tripartite commerce system. In parallel, the urban centre accord calls on the international community to support efforts to market regional integration among developing countries and countries with economies in transition in a very manner which will promote their international integration.

The accord conjointly identifies the requirement to reinforce trade fight through the gradual removal of supply-side constraints. thereto finish, it underscores the requirement for increased funding resources for trade-related technical help and capacity-building.

Appraise the impact of African nation ’s international trade so impact on the extent of economic development and growth.

Analyse Nigeria Nigeria Federal Republic of African nation African country African nation ’s post-reform export structure so as to spot structural changes and its nature within the Nigeria economy.

Analyse the impact of international trade on developing economies and suggest applicable policy to stimulate growth.

The method which will be use during this study is essentially deductive and is predicated on secondary knowledge collected from varied applied math book of the department of the federal government of statistics and therefore the CAN. the standard method of least squares regression techniques are going to be accustomed analyse the impact of the exogenous variables on the endogenous variable of the model.

To analyse the connection, we tend to shall build the subsequent hypothesis; That Andrianampoinimerina Republic of African nation African country African nation ’s export worth doesn’t act as associate engine of growth in Nigeria i.e. it’s no important impact on international trade.

That Nigeria Nigeria Federal Republic of African nation African country African nation  ’s import worth doesn’t act as associate engine of growth in Nigeria i.e. it’s no important impact on international trade.

That Nigeria Nigeria Federal Republic of African nation African country African nation ’s rate worth doesn’t act as associate engine of growth in Nigeria i.e. it’s no important impact on international trade.

That  Nigeria Nigeria Federal Republic of African nation African
richest country in the world African nation  ’s rate doesn’t act as associate engine of growth in Nigeria i.e. it’s no important impact on international trade.


The study can essentially cowl a amount of years . This study is proscribed to external trade because it affects the expansion and development of the African nation economy. a significant constraint of this study is that the short time required to finish this study and downside of consistent and correct.

International trade has been associated is these days an economic force that has spurred commerce, promoted technology and growth, unfold cultural patterns, stimulate exploration and constitution, and frequent spread-out the flames of war.

The history of international trade has gone hand in hand with the event of civilisations. From terribly earlier period, international trade led to the exchange of product and raw materials between one land or nation and another. though such trade was usually conducted in barter type and was of tiny volume by today’s customary, this interchange of product was necessary in economic and historic development.

International exchange its early beginnings was necessary, not simply because it provided one society with product like cowries from geographical area to different areas, international trade conjointly shaped the as is for cultural interchange, therefore commerce not solely on product, however conjointly on lifestyles, customs and technology.

In addition international trade prompted the event of touchstone of record keeping and accounting, and of a whole vocation of commerce. In fact international trade supplementary public ally vexation towards usury interest in way over legal rate charged to a recipient for the employment of money.

One will state that the economic and political development of the whole western world was spurred and enhance by international trade.

Another distinct contribution of international trade was the robust promotion given to the sphere of exploration, map making, and ship construction technology. Early international trade routers ranged over Brobdingnagian expanses, therefore requiring advances in transportation to form attainable more rummage around for new product and markets.

Let us not forget, of course, that such want for brand new trade routes product, and markets was the actuation that launched explorations resulting in the invention of the new world.

Columbus taken off, as you’ll recall, to not settle in a very new nation, however to get a replacement trade route of the Orient. The interest upon his come back to Europe centre not on his accounts of forest and soil, however on the new product obtainable like tobacco, corn, cowries etc.


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