Comparing the British and Indian Political structures

Democracy extends manner on the far side elections. However, the holding of clear, credible and responsible elections is very important for any democratic richest countries 2016 and election observers create a major contribution during this method. during this essay, are able too’ be heading a team of British officers World Health Organisation will be observant the Parliamentary election method in Asian nation in could 2014.

Being from Britain, we are going to witness lots of similarities between the political systems of Asian nation with our own, but there’ll even be some variations, like Asian nation being a federal republic and a democracy at a similar time whereas Britain practices constitutional starchy. moreover,

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Asian nation encompasses a president and a main minister, whereas, though the top of state in Britain is within the sort of a main minister, it conjointly encompasses a symbolic royalty head within the sort of a ruling monarch. usually the elections in Asian nation has been quite peaceful, well-organised however quite unpredictable at a similar time, particularly with the growing influence of forthcoming parties.

As Election observers, we are going to conjointly confine mind, the best challenge to Indian Democracy that has developed within the recent years from persistent spiritual conflict and increasing Protestantism O’Neil, Fields and Share . Thus, it’ll be a challenge and a valuable expertise for United States, as observers to witness the election of the biggest and one amongst the foremost unbelievable democracies of the globe that is vastly various in terms in terms of history, language, faith and caste O’Neil, Fields and Share .

Asian nation could be a democratic republic with a central government conjointly referred to as the “union government”, and its structure is way just like the British parliamentary system, with distinct, however reticulated govt, legislative, and judicial branches. State governments are structured very like the central government, and district governments exist during a sort of forms.

The Indian parliament could be a bicameral law-makers composed of a lower house the Loki Sasha or House of the People, with 543 popularly elective  members and a couple of members appointed by the president, associate degrees an higher house the Rajah Sasha or Council of States, with twelve appointed members and 233 members elective  by state and union territory assemblies Federal analysis Division.2004, that is analogous to the division of power within the British law-makers, particularly House of Lords that has 750 members,

World Health Organisation are historically appointed in many ways in which and therefore the house of commons composed of 646 members of parliament representing individual districts within the UK of nice Britain and European nation O’Neil, Fields and Share 2010.46,47. Loki Sasha members serve five-year terms that is analogous to nation House of Commons, however Rajah Sasha members serve six-year terms, with third of members up for election each 2 years The Pauline information Asian nation.2012 that is kind of totally different from nation House of Lords because it consists of Life peers World Health Organisation are distinguished voters appointed always by the crown upon recommendation from the Prime Minister,

Law lords that are prime legal consultants, appointed always World Health Organisation play a very important role in legal appeals, a dozen of prime officers of the church and hereditary peers World Health Organisation are members of the aristocracy O’Neil, Fields and Share 2010, 46 the 2 homes have a similar powers, however the Rajah Sasha’s power within the legislative method is subordinate to the Loki Sasha,

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similar to nation Parliament wherever House of Commons possess a lot of power in legislative processes compared to accommodate of Lords. Asian nation has each a main minister and a president. The president, presently Parana Musketeer was elective  in 2012 by associate degree body consisting of elective  members of each homes of Parliament and therefore the legislatures of the states for a five-year term and vice chairman, presently Manometer Amid An sari was elective  by each homes of Parliament for a five-year term The world reality Book CIA.2004;

Prime ministers are leaders of the bulk party in parliament however are formally appointed by the president for a 5 year term Federal analysis Division.2004 whereas for Britain though the Prime minister is that the head of the biggest party within the lower house and elite for a 5 year term like Asian nation, the Prime minister is called by the Monarch and not the president as Britain encompasses a constitutional starchy. O’Neil, Fields and Share  Asian nation has associate degree commission that is associate degree freelance government body that supervises parliamentary and state elections.

These are huge and generally marred by violence. Elections for state assemblies and therefore the Loki Sasha are command each 5 years unless known as earlier, like through a no-confidence vote of the govt. by the Loki Sasha Federal analysis Division.. In Britain too, elections should occur each 5 years but, early election takes place if the Prime minister decides to need one before the tip of the 5 year term. The legal age is eighteen, similar to Britain. National and state legislative elections are like nation House of Commons, during which members gain workplace by winning a plurality of votes in their native body.

There are parliamentary constituencies. the quantity of constituencies for state legislatures ranges from thirty two to 403, with a complete of four,120 state constituencies nationwide The world reality book CIA.2004. Asian nation has many political parties which will be contesting within the 2014 Parliamentary elections; a number of the main ones being the Indian National Congress INC junction rectifier by Sonia Gandhi that is in power since 2004- gift with Mohammedan Singh as prime minister,

the centre-right Bharat Jana ta Party  at the present junction rectifier by Within Gagarin had ruled Asian nation from 1998 until 2004 beneath the leadership of Aral Sanskrit language Payee till clothed  of the workplace in 2004 elections by the opposition O’Neil, Fields and Share 2010.349, The Nationalist congress party junction rectifier by Shard Paar, Communist Party of Asian nation junction rectifier by A.B Barehanded and therefore the Communist Party of Asian nation Marxist junction rectifier by Preshrank unit The world reality book CIA.2004. though the opposite major parties receive vital votes, the most contest is between the Indian National Congress INC and therefore the Bharat Jana ta Party BAP.

The elections in Asian nation has been terribly unpredictable invariably, as an example before the 2004 elections, it absolutely was bound that the BAP would win the coalition and extend its six year tenure attributable to its successes with the robust economic process and thawing relations with Asian nation over the troubled issue of Cashmere. however the Indian voters had totally different plans, permitting the opposition to edge prior the BAP with simply over fourth of total seats. O’Neil, Fields and Share 2010.353.

therefore it’s quite heatedly oppose and tough to mention World Health Organisation would possibly win following 2014 elections supported past results. usually all elections involve some quite violence as there are invariably teams that are unhappy with the method. Asian nation isn’t any totally different to it. within the past most of the violence throughout elections are caused by Alienates otherwise referred to as Maoists in some elements of Asian nation wherever the Nasals set fireplace to pick machines, attacked voters, security personnel and polling employees, and destroyed vehicles to disrupt the polls, but attributable to peaceful pick in most of the opposite elements, the conduct of polls has been quite satisfactory.

Hence, we will assume that within the 2014 elections yet, the electoral processes in some elements of Asian nation particularly the Jap states of Charismatic, Assam, state would involve some styles of violence; but we will conjointly hope that in most elements it’ll be peaceful and well-organised because it has been within the past. the 2 major parties in Asian nation particularly the BAP and opposition advocate terribly totally different ideologies.

opposition whose potential candidate for 2014 elections could be Raul Gandhi/ Sonia Gandhi as a celebration takes a central stance as way as ideology cares and comes itself as a lay party and follows a policy of minority social control within the name of philosophical system whereas BAP whose potential candidate for the forthcoming election is probably going to be Arena Midi powerfully believes in Hindu ideology and advocated ancient Indian culture.

There are several problems at stake, but the 3 main problems to be thought of by my team within the 2014 election would be the matter of accelerating corruption Joseph.2011, rise of political parties supported spiritual Protestantism and therefore the result on economic easing of the country . the primary issue of corruption could be a widespread drawback in Asian nation.


There are many makes an attempt to handle this issue within the past, however none was made. However, for the primary time in history, there was a twelve day made protest and nonviolent resistance by noted Indian Politicians and activists Pakistani monetary unit Harare, Karin Bede , cake Rammed, Marvin Gujranwala and plenty of a lot of for the promotion of Asian nation Against Corruption Movement in 2012.

the govt. had taken an important stand on these folks and therefore the strike, impressive folks and golf stroke them in one amongst the foremost noted criminal jails in Asian nation  for violating a legal provision that bans public gatherings and protests at the park in Delhi wherever this was happening Joseph.2011.

when lots of struggle, a replacement party was shaped on a pair of October 2012 which is able to advocate against corruption within the country supported the provisions of the “Pallor Bill” and can be contesting the 2014 elections, beneath the name of “Am Admix Party” Common people’s Party principally during a coalition with the BAP. With the emergence of this new party, the leading party INC is kind of finite because it is gaining lots of recognition among the native folks,

leading to the opposition in losing its well-liked votes and if they are available to power then several corrupted ministers and officers of the opposition are unveiled  and can find yourself in bother. therefore lots of state officers and ministers are against this party as this party will very modification the present political state of affairs of Asian nation India Against Corruption Movement.2012.

The second issue of rise of political parties supported spiritual Protestantism involves the BAP and therefore the knife Sean World Health Organisation represents the rightist Hindu ideology, parties like the Peace Party, AUDI and Welcome Party are found out by Muslim fundamentalists. These parties produce a Hindu-Muslim polarisation. Either of those parties returning to power would place the concept of “secularism” into threat because the country are dominated by the spiritual beliefs of the parties in power.

this could conjointly cause a divide within the country because it was throughout nation rule as a result of if the Hindu advocate parties like BAP or knife Sean return to power then the Muslims would possibly feel vulnerable or underrepresented and this could result in violence, social unrest inside the richest countries 2016 and if Muslim fundamentalist parties like AUDI, peace party return to power then the Hindus can feel a similar. In either ways in which, the forming and returning to power of any of the spiritual fundamentalist parties will encourage be prejudices to the philosophical system and therefore the unity of Asian nation .

The third issue at stake are the economic easing of Asian nation. If opposition comes back to power, then the Indian Markets can open up to the folks and it’ll be driven by folks. So, privatisation can increase, foreign investment can increase because the transnational firms can favour a market like the Indian market that isn’t driven by paperwork. this can result in economic development, influx of foreign currency and conjointly new job opportunities that’s lacking at the present.

If BAP involves power then, there could be a slump within the starting because it could be a comparatively new party compared to the opposition that was established in 1885 and beneath that Asian nation had adopted the trade policy within the 1990’s and flourished.


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