For Love of Country

In preschool I learned to sing, My
richest country in the world ‘tees of thee, Sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. we have a tendency to pledged our allegiance and saluted our nation’s flag. Those were the dreary days of warfare II.

Since then, whether or not in war or peace, in prosperity or in recession, beneath Democrat or Republican rule, my love for America has ne’er flagged. till these days I had ne’er place to paper all the explanations why i really like this nation. Below area unit the explanations that initial return to mind.

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America is that the land of my nativity. In each human heart in each nation, there’s a love of ones country of origin. this is often totally different from and much on top of love for the present political power and policy.

the primary of my family arrived in village, Virginia in 1609. Men of my family served the state within the Revolution, the War of 1812, the war and warfare, warfare II and Korea. we’ve got invested with each life and blood during this nation.

America has been a land of provision for those that were willing to figure. From the tobacco and corn fields of early Virginia till these days, all WHO paid the value of trade and sweat have had food and to spare. This was true in my life.

It’s a land of chance. Not solely will we have a tendency to Americans have spare food to eat, we will eat well. we’ve got easy accessibility to an honest education. we will own property, begin our own business. we will still keep the bulk of that that we have a tendency to earn.

We have a tendency to Americans relish a degree of non-public and political freedom of that the bulk of humanity has solely unreal. This explains why millions look for to immigrate to our land.

we have a tendency to don’t have to be compelled to have a revolution to be eliminate sorry political leaders. we have a tendency to still have elections and peaceful transitions of power.

we’ve got a protracted tradition of internal peace and private protection. Granted, this is often not nearly what it once was, nevertheless compared to alternative nations we have a tendency to still relish peaceful neighbourhoods, and freedom from internecine warfare or governmental/law intrusion in our lives.

We have a tendency to area unit} blessed a measure of spiritual freedom unknown to most of humanity. Here Christianity has flourished as in no alternative setting. All alternative spiritual teams area unit engaged to operate goodbye as they create no threat to public safety and area unit willing to respect the laws applicable to all or any.

All of the on top of makes it potential for US to relish tier of tranquillity, happiness and prosperity on the far side the reach of most of humanity.

America we’ve a real basis for optimism and hope. All around U.S.A. we have a tendency to see voters of alternative nations while not this blessing, living in hopeless despair.

America could be a land of nice beauty. Having travelled wide, I will say that few places equal the wonder of our nice nation.

This includes the natural great thing about our land with its tantalising coasts, crystal lakes, flowing rivers, lofty mountains, and natural wonders just like the Grand Canyon. It additionally and exquisite cities and monuments created to grace our nation.

we have a tendency to sleep in a land of wondrous individuals. affirmative we’ve our criminals, our near-do-wells, our parasites, however they’re however a speck compared with the legion good, hard-working, generous people that compose the centre and soul of America.

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We have a culture that also reflects the influence of the Christianity that target-hunting our instantiation fathers. though our Christian heritage is beneath constant attack in our courts, our faculties, our media and show business,

nevertheless through all the smoke and thunder we have a tendency to still see the overwhelming majority of us citizens compliance God and Christ, attending church and worshipping, recognising the ethical and religious authority of the Bible.

they’re the salt of the world, the sunshine of the planet, the leaven within the lifetime of our nation. America, America, God shed his grace on thee; and crown thy smart with brotherhood.

richest country in the world guarantees USA freedom of thought and expression. we have a tendency to are liberated to publish our thoughts for others to browse or hear. we’ve got freedom to decide on our occupation, freedom to manner regarding from place to put, freedom from legal or political coercion.


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