Oilfield Oil and Gas Industry Executive Roughneck Gifts

Perhaps you’re longing for a novel field gift within the  worth vary. each oil man is for certain to require a gold plated table high operating pump jack Highest Paid Models 2016. These lovely animated field pump jack models area unit power-driven by one  battery and area unit mounted on a stunning picket base. Standing just about  tall they’re sure to attract attention in any home or workplace.


Have you been attempting to search out distinctive field oil and gas Christmas gifts In recent years there are several howling government level field gifts brought onto the market. it’s potential to get really distinctive oil and gas trade gift things from $7.49 all the high to $3500.

If you’re craving for some fascinating gifts within the lower cost vary for the yob or well trade employee on your list you may presumably think about a number of the various differing types oil and gas key chains that are on the market. it’s potential to search out rotary concentric bit key chains for below $10 that area unit solid from fine alloy. If you’re willing to pay many additional greenbacks these alloy concentric pendant key chains are often found gold plated.

conjointly out there during this value vary area unit down the opening hammer bit and PD alloy bit key chains. maybe you wish a present for someone within the oil and well service industry  solid alloy key chains may also be found in replicas of work over service rigs, field elevators, BOP blowout presenters, and franc pumps.

If you’re willing to pay $49 – $90 PD, hammer bit and concentric bit key chains are often purchased that area unit machined by hand from brass then nickel and gold plated. the small print of those replicas area unit superb as they show grease caps, jets, API tapered threads and totally different tooth patterns on every cone.

Hand machined PD bit key chains are often found with exacting details like escape wrench flats, API tapered threads, jets and even gem stones to represent teeth. If you actually need to travel all out diamonds are often set to represent the cutting teeth within the PD bit key chain.


Specialised optical maser engraving will even be else to several of those field Keynesian so as to form a very one amongst a form gift which will be cherished forever. Dog Tags may also be written fully colour and else to those Keynesian creating a beautiful promotional chance as a result of you have got enough house to list phone phone numbers and alternative necessary company data on the tag.

This type model is purchased within the $189 dollar value vary. If you’re willing to pay $75 a lot of greenbacks these gold plated field pump jack models is purchased with Associate in Nursing oil derrick mounted beside the pump jack on the picket base. If you wish to create the most important impression, purchase the model which incorporates a pump jack, oil derrick Associate in Nursing even an oil tank battery with 2 holding tanks, ladder and path.

this kind miniature field scene is purchased within the $400 value vary. in fact we tend to should not ditch a present for all the oil and gas oil rig staff and executives UN agency square measure drilling offshore. For them it’s potential to buy a gold plated operating model of Associate in Nursing offshore oil rig platform.

This miniature offshore animated rig model options a chopper on a landing pad with blades that rotate. On the opposite facet of the field platform may be a crane, that additionally rotates 360 degrees. alternative options embody stairways leading up to the operating floor and a drilling derrick.

All of those miniature gold plated operating oil and gas models feature picket bases that square measure giant enough to own customised engraving plates further for that special bit.

If you’re probing for the highest of the road govt field gift then perhaps you ought to take into account a 100 percent hand-made oil and gas oil rig model. These models is found that stand.


They feature substructures and derricks, that fold down and rest on a crown stand. These field oil rig models square measure made up of metal and each piece is soldered along by hand.

These square measure really howling items of field art embody operating travelling blocks, elaborate blowout presenters, dog homes and draw-works. These miniature oil derrick models will even be equipped with light-emitting diode lights up and down the derrick and are available complete with battery pack. several bases square measure offered so as to mount these rigs on a durable foundation.

Selections embody chrome diamond plate, black grand wood, or rosewood bases. Custom logos will even be further to the facet of the dog house. Finishes for these oil and gas rig models embody gold plate, chrome, wet mirror black or custom powder coat paint in any colour you want. These operating field models is purchased within the $2500 – $3500 value vary. Custom designed offshore drilling Highest Paid Models 2016 are out there during this value vary. unique oi


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