The Abercrombie & Fitch Icon: College Athletes as Male Models

Why would any otherwise traditional all-American male collegian conform to be photographed frolicking nude on a beach, wrestling with alternative school guys or just modelling shirtless before AN unforgiving camera lens? Why? it’s to be the new icon of male modelling.

Every age has its icons. whether or not or not it’s the Gibson ladies at the flip of the last century or the statesman ladies of the planet War II generation or the Arrow Shirt Men of Fifties, popular culture history is documented by the pictures of beauty, perfection and physiological property of the day. And, whereas the Pin Ups of the past were reserved for the image of female beauty, nowadays school guys square measure having their flip.


The Beachcomber Male Highest Paid Models 2016 is that the new gold commonplace of male modelling. The Beachcomber Male has transcended the four corners of product selling And become in itself an historic whole thing recording popular culture of our day. just like the statues of the proper male type found within the ruins of Greek and Roman temples, today’s Beachcomber model is tomorrow’s history within the creating.

The attractiveness of the Beachcomber Model is frozen in its reality. that is as a result of Beachcomber Models square measure real guys culled from school campuses round the country. you recognise them, you’ve got enjoyed time with them, you’ve thus drunk with them on a Fri night that you just swore off alcohol for a year – or a minimum of till next Fri night.

They’re in your Fraternity, in your category and in your dormitory room. Beachcomber modelling is, in fact, not for the skilled male model though many a Beachcomber Model has gone on to earn unfathomable success as skilled male models and actors.

A&F models don’t seem to be continuously gild boys. they’re typically school athletes UN agency live a fun “fraternity” life. With the exception of notable standouts UN agency developed an acquaintance base just like the Carlson Twins, Beachcomber typically uses male models one time, permitting field guys to travel on to enlarged modelling careers.


Review a sampling of any A&F Quarterly or current Abercrombie New Faces and you will see a robust showing among athletes. Jeremy Bloom was a champion jock and player, Abe Taylor was a grapple and ran race, Jeff Rostropovich was a player, Kyle Maynard got detected as a result of he was a grapple and born with a congenital defect.

Jeremy Black wrestled, Warren McKenzie was a swimmer, Brad Roentgen, was a football game standout. Charlie Cheerer was AN jock at SUM, and rag Seltzer was a standout high school grapple.

So, a would-be Abercrombie model would be sensible to let casting administrators apprehend of their athletic superior skill similarly as lack of inhibition once uncovered. Athletes have continuously been modify to being nude within the room. it’s a brief step for production planners to translate that comfort within the room with comfortableness before of the camera.

Joseph Dorothy L. Sayers definitely got his notice by being a grapple UN agency posed nude for a Playgirl casting submission. Abercrombie undoubtedly pays quite Playgirl!

Abercrombie modelling is to become AN Adjective. The term Abercrombie Model is AN instantly recognisable description of the proper All Yankee school Jock. The Abercrombie Male Model is that the look, the feel, the image of the physical look that all can try. Even Holster, the new product brand is that the new target for would be aspiring high school male Highest Paid Models 2016.

Phipps is a component of field Men, a calendar & male modelling resource company has been creating smart trying school guys far-famed since 1990. field Men offers free recommendation to varsity Athletes United Nations agency have an interest in male modelling.

Field Men helps student-athletes by giving them referrals to glorious photographers, the simplest acting categories, teaching them the fundamentals concerning the male modelling trade & the way to obliging with NCAA student-athlete rules.


So, why would associate degree different wise traditional faculty guy run on a beach naked and wrestle with other guys before of a camera the solution is straightforward. it’s to be immortalised because the new yank male icon – the Abercrombie Model.


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