Ohio State Buckeyes: Girls of OSU and Men of OSU CALENDARS


Since 1982, women of SOU and Men of SOU calendars are creating history. over a dozen versions of SOU calendars have appeared within the half-moon century, that includes Ohio State students – and a few skilled Highest Paid Models 2016 – in numerous states of dress and undress.

More than different universities, Ohio State University looks to be a beautiful place for commercial enterprise pinup calendars. If South Bend is thought for gold “domes” and town is known for funny mushrooms, then school calendars and controversies close them have place Columbus on the map. OS U’s thousands of loyal alumni area unit a network of prepared customers unfold across the country, desirous to live their school days with fun-oriented calendars.


Vicky Phipps, UN agency revealed many calendars that includes students of each sexes, provides insight to the marketability of calendars: “To build a profit with a calendar of feminine Ohio State students, you want to charm to Ohio State Alumni. Alumni men area unit desirous to get calendars that includes school women – harking back to fun days on the Ohio State field ..

Carefree times before paying bills and dynamic baby diapers. In distinction, field Men Calendars targeted fans of Abercrombie and mudslide male models – folks nationwide – not simply SOU alumni – UN agency realise school guys engaging.

Phipps same the male calendars’ photos were forever additional provocative for many reasons: school males realise it additional acceptable to create semi-nude and therefore the market rewards risque photos with higher sales.

“Moreover, oldsters area unit easier with their sons disrobing, instead of daddy’s female person doing do,” Phipps same.

He notes the irony and favouritism within the naming of feminine versus male calendars. Females UN agency seem in calendars area unit typically noted as “girls”. However, males UN agency seem area unit noted as “men.” “It says that once girls create for a calendar, they’re being less mature than once males create.”

After years of SOU calendars revealed by Pi alphabetic character Alpha fraternity, that includes feminine students and models, the primary legendary calendar that includes males is revealed by Evelyn Moore of Grove port, a Columbus suburban area. Moore was impressed to form “The Men of SOU” when viewing a P.M. Magazine TV show a couple of University of Michigan-themed calendar, that includes male students. This initial male calendar is strictly black and white and shirtless.

Inspired by the various students UN agency exercise their canine companions on The Oval and in Mirror Lake, SOU students Cary Gregory, Jim Patriotism and Tim Brown publish “The Dogs Of ” calendar.


Buckeye student entrepreneurs Scott Jordan, Tony Campaign and erectile dysfunction Allen publish the “Buckeye Men” calendar in colour with wholesome photos.

Ohio State’s Alpha Gamma Delta lodge publishes “Faces Of A Crowd” black and white calendar, that includes totally clothed order boy/students. Profits profit the DIM Foundation.

“Images: Men Of The Scarlet & Gray” full-colour calendar, that includes swimsuit-clad male students is discharged. Legal threats from the university administration draw national attention to Men of the Scarlet & grey.

Publishers follow-up with 2 black and white SOU calendars: “Women Of The Scarlet & Gray: Legends” and “Men Of The Scarlet & Gray: Legends.” every has associate degree “underwear model” theme that pays court to common couturier undergarment advertising.

Success with the undergarment theme causes the calendar operation to be dilated, producers travel with a corporation of photographers, models and assistants to Everglade State beaches to photograph.

Publishers unleash the full-colour “Women of the Scarlet & Gray” and “Campus Men” calendars amid revealed reports that many of the feminine models aren’t Ohio State Buckeyes, together with 2 UN agency area unit high school students. associate degree uproar ensues. Publishers receive complaints type alumni and stores pull the calendars from store shelves.


Four students UN agency appeared within the 1991 “Women of the Scarlet & Gray” calendar area unit hand-picked by Corinthian magazine to seem in its “Girls of the massive Ten” issue. Later within the year, publishers unleash the full-colour 1992 “Women of the Scarlet & Gray” and “Campus Men,” that includes solely Ohio State students. Cindy Cooper, girl of SOU Head coach John Cooper, is “Miss —–.”

Publishers unleash the 1993 “Women of the Scarlet & Gray” and “Campus Men” calendars, each photographed fully colourise town. Producers from the Oprah Winfrey Show mark of the male calendar’s additional suggestive photos and invite a male model to seem on the air.

Publishers unleash 2 SOU male calendars. One titled “Cool: school Hunks” shows students totally clothed in metropolis. The second, “Hot: University Hunks” depicts a similar students in semi-nude photos in town. to not be outdone, L’Esprit Models, a Columbus agency,

Publishes “Scarlet & grey Calendar: women Edition,” conjointly photographed in town. when filing suit against the feminine models for revelation late at promotional events when the calendar was discharged, the court flip the tables and award judgments against the mode-ling agency for too harsh a contract.

African-American male students take centre stage as SOU postgraduate Jayawardene  Fletcher publishes a full-colour “Black Men On Campus” calendar for .

“Hot: University Hunks,” is re-released with new dates as a 1997 calendar and oversubscribed across the country through magazine ads.

The Ohio State University files a proceedings in U.S. District Court to dam publishers from distributing the already-printed 2000 version of “Scarlet & grey women.” University lawyers claim the title infringes on associate degree unregistered trademark happiness to SOU.

They argue the decades-old fight song Buckeye Battle Cry contains the words scarlet and grey creating this phrase the property of Ohio State. They conjointly say calendar photos depict females in team-issued SOU athletic uniforms. The publisher knuckles below and permits the university to destroy all ten,000 copies of the feminine calendar.

Publishers re-shoot 3 photos from the “Scarlet & grey Girls” calendar and unleash “Campus Girls: Final Edition.” It becomes his last calendar that includes feminine students.

October 1999 – Publishers unleash a version of the “Campus Men” calendar for 2000 that’s photographed in Everglade State. Producers from The Jenny Jones Show contact four of the male Highest Paid Models 2016 to seem on air.


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