5 Tips For Creating A Dynamite Online Dating Profile

OK, let’s say that you’ve either just met a Most Beautiful Women 2016 or are meeting with her 1-on-1 for the first time aka ”going on a date with her”.

Either way, for the purpose at hand let’s assume that she has already impressed your socks off.

In fact, you’re thinking to yourself that if you ever have the good fortune to see this woman naked you will have pretty much hit the jackpot…literally and figuratively.


More specifically, how do you conduct yourself What should you say to her.

You know that if you talk about weather and politics you’ll come off as “neuter” and thereby FAIL at creating attraction.

So you’ve GOT to show her in some way that you’re interested in being MORE than “just a friend”.

The problem is that you may have been told somewhere along the line any or all of the following:

Now listen. I fully understand the thought process behind each of those three tactics.

Sadly, most guys who are “newbies” when it comes to interacting with women tend to come off like desperate, starving puppies when confronted with a real, live opportunity to attract a hottie.

Such guys might start gushing about how beautiful the woman is to them, sort of like Enos always did to “Miss Daisy” in The Dukes Of Hazard.

Or what’s arguably worse, they start bragging about anything and everything possible in a feeble attempt to “impress” her.
So sure…each of the three strategies above are intended to put an end to these basic destructive tendencies.

Since there’s a lot of “grey area” in how best to create attraction, there are potentially troublesome issues with each.

If and when any or all of them become habit, you’ll soon find that the proverbial pendulum has swung the opposite way…and that’s not good.

Regarding #1 for example, what if she ISN’T exactly so “full of herself” and in fact doesn’t have the world’s most rock-solid self-esteem.

She could take what you say seriously, no matter how playful you are about saying it…and that would be counter-productive.

And yikes…MOST women aren’t exactly paragons of self-esteem, no matter how beautiful or generally sharp they are.

As for the second one, remember a woman is a human being just like you. Really…I promise.

Knowing that, how do YOU usually read someone who acts utterly disinterested in you  Thought so.

And the third one Ask yourself if that’s what you REALLY want out of the interaction.

Are you the kind of man who honesty prefers to NEVER say something positive to a woman that might actually LIFT her less-than-perfect read: normal and human self-esteem.

Again, as a human being how excited would YOU be to hang out with a woman who NEVER, EVER acknowledged you looked good, were talented, or basically ever did anything right.


You and I both know that we as guys tend to show TONS of disdain for women who are like that.

And it’s equally safe to say that no woman is ever going to confuse a guy who offers ZERO approval of her for anyone who has her best interests at heart. You really can’t instil a sense of safety and security in her that way, can you.

So simply put, as you get better with women—as I trust you will—you’re going to want more effective ways to proceed.

Slapping a Band-Aid on the problem won’t cut it.

Now, as you’ve observed guys who appear to be doing well with women, I’m sure you’ve noticed something that might strike you as somewhat odd.

They actually give women compliments. There’s no denying it.

But here’s the amazing part. Contrary to what all the “newbie” guides you’ve read suggest, they actually GET SOMEWHERE with women by doing so.

In fact, some guys can give Most Beautiful Women 2016  all sorts of complimentary indicators of “approval” and still charm her to no end.


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