Beautiful Black Women are Missing in Today’s TV and Films

Black girls square measure stunning. From Dorothy Drawbridge to Keri Hilton there’s little doubt that they exist. Their beauty has been acknowledged within the arts. Hale within the movies. Bey once in music. Alicia Keys as associate all around whizz. These girls are around for for a while. wherever is that the new crop of lovely black Most Beautiful Women 2016.

If you browse the net for lists of black girls you’ll see many common names. Hale Berry, Gabrielle Unionbbbb, and Alicia Keys square measure mainstays on these lists. there’s little doubt these girls square measure stunning and gifted however these square measure names we all know.

These girls are at the highest for an extended time. investigate the common age of those girls and that they square measure over thirty. several of those girls square measure pushing forty. I in person like older girls however wherever square measure the new young black women.

There square measure 2 main reasons there’s no new crop of black beauties. foremost black feminine singers aren’t the “in-thing”. African-American music is dominated by hip hop and hip hop is dominated by men. Rappers sing concerning black girls however they objectify them.

There square measure several black girls within the videos, however they’re pictured as simply objects – breasts and butt to reveal to the camera for the titillation of the boys World Health Organisation watch the videos. they’re for the foremost half anonymous therefore you ne’er get to grasp them or determine with them as people. Since you don’t connect with them as people they ne’er get famed or noticed as people. it’s a shame as a result of these square measure stunning black girls World Health Organisation square measure reduced to sex objects and not appreciated.


The second reason they square measure they’re  not seen is that show and television shows are taking part in it safe. Hale sells to the black audience therefore use Hallie. If Hale isn’t on the market replace her role with a individual or famed Latina.

A replacement recent moon-faced adult female has an especially troublesome time finding movies and so finding producers and administrators World Health Organisation can take an opportunity on casting her during a massive status role. thanks to this you’ll still see the most stays like Nina Long, Sana’a Nathan and Hale Berry.

you’ll see the occasional freshman World Health Organisation gets all the roles and sensible luck obtaining past her. the recent “new gal” features a lock on the market and also the rest square measure simply keep.

Black girls square measure stunning and that they should be seen. we would like to visualise new faces on screen and within the videos, not as bit players however as leading  Most Beautiful Women 2016. Let’s hope show and record producers awaken which things amendment presently.


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