Plant Spirit Shamanism: Pusanga – an interview with perfumeros

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Fragrance has long been related to the humanities of affection. In Japan, Japanese ladies priced their services per the amount of incense sticks consumed throughout love-making, whereas in Indian Antarctic rituals,
Most Beautiful Women were anointed with wood, and girls with bush,


patchouli, amber, musk, and with Saffron crushed and smudged to a lower place their feet. In Europe within the seventeen and , the utilisation of beau Diamond State Cologne became a widespread and trendy trend, wherever the morning ritual in several homes began with its application before a adorer of either sex would decision upon a follower.

This mix of rosemary, liner, orange and lemon was conjointly used internally, mixed with wine, eaten on sugar lumps, even taken as associate irrigation, to refresh the ‘inner self’ and cleanse the spirit so lovers might meet one another with a ‘pure heart’.

But it is, perhaps, in Peru , that the magic of perfumed love has reached its highest talent, within the formulation of Pusan, that is commonly named because the ‘love drugs of the Amazon’, though it’s much more than that.

Specialists within the use of fragrance to alter luck and attract fortune area unit referred to as perfumers . One such specialist is Carotid. Another is Javier Caravel, associate Athabasca priest-doctor WHO conjointly works with fragrance.

The story of my path of drugs began after I saw a relative-in-law WHO well and chanted… I wont to watch however the slanderous worked. I favourite being attentive to what they talked regarding, however they ready their remedies, their cantos  Then I went off on my very own deep into the jungle, to grasp the plants very little by little, to smell the leaves and roots of all the various medicines.


I had no creative person to be told from thus I dieted plants for a year and a 0.5 alone, then I came to the town. I used ague toad Everglade State , imaginal, singalong, and dedicated myself to finding out all regarding smells.

I get folks returning for facilitate with family issues wherever the girl has gone off from the person or the person has gone off from his youngsters.

Supposing the girl has gone off, i take advantage of Pusan to bring her back so the family will consolidate once more. I decision the plant spirits that work for that – Pusan plants like reenact, huarache, Marsala, sarsaparilla, and that i decision her spirit back to her home.

Or let’s say the mama is here with American state and therefore the father is much away. I pull him back thus he returns to his home. in a very short time he are going to be thinking of his youngsters and his spouse, and he comes back.

I don’t got to have the particular plants ahead of American state, I decision their spirits. I build my very own perfumes from plants, no chemicals. they need terrific smells, and that i chant at constant time as I rub them on the kids and therefore the lady. Then the person starts thinking or dreaming of them.


A smell has the ability to draw in. I will build smells to draw in business, those who purchase. you simply rub it on your face and it brings within the folks to your business. I conjointly build perfumes for love, ET AL for flourishing. These plants area unit forces of nature; they contain spirit.

I anticipate what that spirit attracts: perhaps bright birds or butterflies, perhaps many alternative animals return to feed from it. A plant that attracts bright birds also will draw stunning Most Beautiful Women; a plant that’s common and has several ‘customers’ also will be sensible for business. thus these area unit the plants that i take advantage of to assist my patients.

Javier tells an analogous story of humble beginnings. many generations of his family are shamans and at the age of seventeen, Javier knew this is able to be his future too, however it absolutely was not till he was twenty, once his father died from a vi rote sent by a hechicero  sorcerer WHO was jealous of his father’s powers that Javier felt compelled to become a priest-doctor.

His initial instinct was to be told the shamanic arts thus he might revenge his father however his granddaddy convinced him that this wasn’t the answer as a result of the sole thanks to defeat evil was to unfold additional goodness within the world. Javier took the message to heart and located solace within the plants instead.

My granddaddy saw that i used to be bitter and told American state that it might not get American state anyplace. My heart was still arduous and that i needed to kill! Bit by bit, though, through taking the terribly plants that I had supposed to use for revenge, I learned from the spirits that it absolutely was wrong to kill and my heart softened.


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