Cartier Watches for Women – A Helpful Guide

Are you trying into navigator watches for ladies, either for yourself or for that special someone  Congratulations. navigator makes actually painting timepieces – watches that stand nearly alone because the most famed, luxurious, and delightful.

It was Louis Cartier’s long quest to form watches that were the “perfect balance between aesthetics, structure, and performance,” and whereas he died in 1942, every of today’s lines of navigator watches for ladies still embody that mission.


As you’ll gather, the question of that watch to get does not have a true answer. it is a alternative best left to the client supported preferences of fashion, price, shape, and alternative factors. Here may be a useful outline of a number of Cartier’s a lot of renowned models.

Roadster: The Roadster line 1st hit the scene back in 2001 as a throwback to the sports cars of the Fifties and Nineteen Sixties. it’s a racy look with sleek curves, very much like you’d see on an aesthetic automobile. The Roadster’s form is way just like the unaltered Torte model, although generally tends to be less costly.

Torte: The Torte was designed as a
Most Beautiful Women‘s watch. Actually, the primary convenience Torte came call at 1928, over fifteen years when the women watch 1st became accessible. This line is spectacularly busty and may be a legendary form extremely precious to collectors. The high value is indicative of this.


Tank: Tank was 1st discharged in 1917, and remains around nowadays – it’s yet one more of Cartier’s unaltered lines. easy however tempting, Tank incorporates a rectangular face however includes a spread of “sub-styles” like Americanise, Francoise,

Solo, Divan ET AL.. every vogue varies by form of the parallelogram, variable from long to wide to virtually sq.. costs dissent wide inside the Tank sub-styles likewise.

Antimissile: whereas definitely like Tank’s basic form and elegance, Antimissile is in a very category by itself. it’s a very elegant watch with a sleek silver or gold band maybe higher known as a bracelet. The band is commonly adorned with diamonds creating it one among Cartier’s most exquisite and valuable timepieces. The Antimissile tends to hold a 5 figure tag creating it one among the foremost high-ticket navigator watches for ladies.

Pasha: authority is among Cartier’s oldest lines, however offers a large choice of designs (and prices) over able to serve fashionable tastes too. it absolutely was originally designed as a swimming watch with its sleek, circular style that’s inherently sturdy and water-resistant. As critical many alternative models the authority face has numbers, instead of roman numerals.

Santos: Santos exemplifies the being of navigator with a presentation as current nowadays because it was over a century gone once unveiled in 1904. The face embraces fine geometric kind with its painting sq. within a parallelogram style. Rounded corners offer the measuring instrument a feel of flow and energy.


When you are getting an upscale watch, notwithstanding whether or not it is a navigator or Rolex or the other luxurious complete, the foremost necessary issue is to wear down somebody you trust. Not solely to remain aloof from fakes and replicas, except for many alternative reasons likewise.

For one, you certainly ought to ensure you are obtaining the total manufacturer’s pledge likewise as any genuineness certificates that go along with it.

It’s also necessary to grasp what recourse you have got accessible within the event that you just commit to send it back particularly if it is a gift. Sure, it’s tough to imagine a girl UN agency wouldn’t appreciate a navigator, however with numerous
Most Beautiful Women models she might not wish to accept something but the right one.

Also, within the rare event of a defect, it helps to be coping with a merchandiser you trust.

Bottom line… be sure you have explored the policies of a merchant you are looking into, and certify you are glad with them.


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