A Women’s Revolution for Modest Dress Part II

Did the nomenclature of revolution cause you to nervous in “A Most Beautiful Women‘s Revolution for Modest Dress half I” many folks conjure pictures of troopers and battles and dead and dying men after they consider revolution. To a precise extent all of these things square measure a section of revolution. but a women’s revolution for modest dress needn’t be violent.

In fact, though the method of touching society to decorate in modest venture can exhibit the characteristics of a revolution the result created are going to be additional sort of a reformation.


Women WHO square measure adorning themselves in modest dresses, skirts, shirts and pants square measure rebellious against the results of the sexual revolution that triumphed within the 1960’s. finish during this war would force the discipline and therefore the diligence of troopers in battle,

However violence isn’t necessary. create no mistake, the women’s revolution for modest dress could be a war. you’ll recall from the initial instalment of “A Women’s Revolution for Modest Dress” that the movement removed from modesty began as class struggle against the elite’s standards of sporting an extended modest dress.

Now that the elite have embraced practices and rituals of the sexual revolution they’re not attending to provide them up simply. However, I repeat, a women’s revolution for modest dress needn’t flip violent. All you would like to try and do, ladies, is approach your daily business sporting modest venture, and dress your very little women in modest attire.


Your silent witness can demonstrate to those whom you are available contact with the sweetness of modest dress. As your women get older living the life-style of modesty they’ll be additional ready to expire associate degree ethic of modest dress to their daughters. By infusing a respect for modest dress during this manner you’ll be a section of the reformation of society.

Wearing modest garments is after all associate degree outward ethic ensuing from associate degree inward philosophy of life, similar to the shortage of modest dress resulted from the harmful philosophies that were foisted on the Yankee scene within the nineteen the and twenty the centuries. really all that you just do by taking part during this Most Beautiful Women revolution for modest dress is reclaiming society for honourableness and dignity.

You’re reforming society with the philosophy of Biblical ethic that was lost to the humanists once Yankee teenagers set that every individual had the proper to make his own ethic regarding whether or not to wear modest garments or no garments in the slightest degree.


Think about what Biblical philosophies promote modest dress. establish study and perceive these philosophies and teach them to your daughters. Your efforts can reap eternal rewards, also as reform the Yankee society for the dominion of God.


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