The Complete Safety Guide For Women Camping Alone

The thought of bivouacking alone is terribly discouraging, particularly if you’re a
Most Beautiful Women. Ideally, it’s not one thing counselled to girls unaccustomed bivouacking. during this day and age girls should be armed with each sensible and skill once bivouacking however in most places campers square measure a friendly neighbourly bunch of individuals World Health Organization square measure bent on become one with nature, rather like you.

There are, however, some basic steps that you just will follow to confirm your bivouacking trip alone may be a safe and happy time.



Many campgrounds have hosts World Health Organization reside in campgrounds. If you camp close to a number you’ll have access to an individual with radio contact with park personnel.

If you camp in a very location wherever there are not any camp hosts then camp close to an outsizes family.

Let the ranger recognise that you just square measure alone however don’t broadcast it to everybody else around you.

Visit bivouacking forums and see if there square measure alternative girls in your space that love bivouacking World Health Organization might want to camp near to you.

If you expertise any drawback bear in mind that the park Service and State Park campgrounds square measure typically terribly well-patrolled and in most cases can take action if referred to as upon.

Instead of growing to alternative campers and expression, “Hi, I’m Kerry and I’m here by myself” raise queries like “How am i able to contact you if I expertise a problem” or “is this encampment often patrolled”

Don’t advertise you’re by yourself by finding campsites removed from walking trails.

Make sure you’ve got your mobile phone with you the least bit times and it’s totally charged.


As presently as you get to the encampment elicit the telephone number of whoever is on decision when hours. Save that range straight off into your mobile phone in order that all you would like to try to to is push a button instead of hunt for a bit of paper.

If you’ve got a dog bring it bivouacking with you as little further security.

Avoid bivouacking in isolated areas.

Avoid walking alone at nighttime.

Make sure your vehicle isn’t position in by Associate in Nursing other vehicle just in case of an emergency.

There are variety of security measures that you just will place in suit before departure for your bivouacking trip alone. This involves telling your friends and family necessary info. Here square measure some ideas below:


Tell others the government agency phone numbers Sheriff Department, Police, Game & Fish Commission  for the country or space that you just are going to be in.

Arrange to contact members of your family at an exact time frame on an exact day to stay them announce of your whereabouts Associate in Nursing your safety throughout your bivouacking trip if you’re enjoying an extended time away.

Ask native individuals and travellers for directions and weather and road conditions.

If you become lost stick with your vehicle and watch for another to travel by.

If you’re keeping off on an overseas track ensure somebody is aware of wherever you’re going and what time you must be there or travel with another vehicle.

Calculate however long you must fairly want get to your destination on a daily basis.

For some side peace of mind,has created an incredible navigation system that you just transfer to your cellular phone that is freed from charge. it’s terribly user friendly and very handy for all out of doors activities, significantly bivouacking alone. i might extremely advocate you transfer this free navigational tool.


By simply following many of those easy suggestions you’ll be able to overcome your worry of bivouacking alone and feel a true sense of feat too, all the whereas enjoying all the sweetness that nature and bivouacking needs to provide.


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